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Discover how we elevate brands with our diverse range of video styles and formats, tailored to make a lasting impact in the competitive marketplace.

Branded Content Documentary

Cinematic Social Ads

Hosted Videos

Reels and TikToks

Short Spots and Advertisements

Our team specializes in creating memorable, succinct ads that resonate. We blend brevity and storytelling to ensure your brand's message captivates and sticks with your audience

Branded Content Documentary

Transform your brand's story into a captivating cinematic journey. We specialize in uncovering and elevating the authentic stories that define your brand.

Our decades of expertise in filming both everyday people and professional talent enables us to capture those rare, impactful moments that resonate deeply with audiences.

With our stunning visual storytelling, your brand will not just be seen but be remembered, standing out distinctly in a crowded marketplace.

More docs: 

Red Bull Music Academy presents Spaces: Montreal (2018)

RBMA Playing With: TONTO, the World's Largest Synthesizer (2020)

Hosted Personality Videos

Engage and Delight with Hosted Personality Videos. Immerse your audience in a captivating experience led by charismatic hosts and intriguing topics. Our hosted videos offer a unique blend of warmth, entertainment, and information, keeping viewers engaged and connected.

Reels and TikToks

Navigate the dynamic world of Reels and TikToks with us. With extensive experience and countless successful creations, we know exactly how to captivate your audience on these platforms. Our approach blends your core messaging with the unique demands of vertical video, maximizing engagement and enhancing your marketing outcomes. Expect a perfect mix of entertainment and strategic impact.

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