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Make An Explainer/Tutorial To Get More Out Of Your Explainer Video

We hear from so many people that they need explainer videos. It makes sense. It's the fastest way to explain something when you can't stand there yourself.

But what if you have something that people immediately might want to use? In these cases the explainer video is only half of the equation.

The solution? Add a quick tutorial or explainer to the end of your explainers. This gives your customer even more of what they want, right away. And it leads them directly into using your product or service, rather than letting it gather dust on the bottom of their latest to do list.

One of our favourite clients is the CMPA. They are the association that represents Canadian film and television producers. (Producers are the unsung heroes of the media world). Look at the video we created in collaboration with them above to see an example of an explainer/tutorial that helps their membership not only understand what their new service is, but how to immediately start using it.

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