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Client news: Rily opens the Rily Kitchen

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Our client Rily is launching a new event space and commercial kitchen in Toronto.

It's centrally-located, equipped with multiple workstations and top of the line appliances, and filled with lovely natural light from surrounding windows on three sides.

Check out a tour of the space below.

Rily is a new Canadian recipe website that helps people eat healthier, and has plenty of recipes for people with dietary restrictions, allergies, or who are dealing with health issues.

Site founder Meredith Holbrook founded the site when she lost her father to cancer, and found there weren't many options for recipes for people dealing with health issues.

Juniper Island has been working since their launch in 2020 on creative directing and managing their thriving community on Instagram, and recently on TikTok.

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