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Elevating Brands with Visually Compelling Video Content

Position Your Brand as Industry Leaders with Our Unique Storytelling Approach

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Discover Our Process—receive a detailed overview of how we transform your brand's story through our video production process.

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Most brands are doing video for video's sake, entrusting the voice of the brand to the nearest employee with an iPhone.

But you’re not most brands… you know video content can uniquely position your brand, amplify ad impact and establish deep connections with your customers.

🎬 300+ video projects
👀 25 million+ views
📺 Broadcast television
📸 Instagram
🎥 YouTube
🎵 TikTok


Proudly 100% Bullfrog Powered


Our sets voluntarily adhere to the Green Production Guide for on-set sustainability

Here's how...

Discover & Define

Create & Craft

Deliver & Drive Impact

We start with a thorough consultation to grasp your brand's specific needs. Delving into your story and market position, we craft a creative direction aligned with your goals.

Our experts turn your narrative into striking video content, covering scriptwriting, storyboarding, filming, and editing, to echo your brand's voice and vision.

Deliver the final video content along with a tailored distribution strategy to maximize impact, engagement, and meet your marketing goals.

"The Juniper Island team are ideal partners, anticipating our needs and exceeding our expectations at every turn.


They take time to understand the "why" of everything we're doing, and then put in the work to make sure it's as creative and beautiful as possible."

Andrew Addison, Vice-President, Communications, Marketing & Membership

The Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA)

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