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We work with global and Canadian brands to help them speak to their audiences with authenticity and heart.


Creating content is what we love to do, from short-form social media to long-form documentary and everything in between. 

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Recent Work - Howling Film

This branded content documentary, in partnership with Muskoka Roastery Coffee Company, spotlights the Algonquin Wolf and local communities' unique relationship with the wolf. 

More Recent Video Work


In the next 10 years, companies will have to be creating 10x the content they're making today to compete

Whether you're B2B or B2C, we can help you put your best foot forward and cut through the crowded market with content that your audience will love, whether you're just starting to build your audience or have a track record and a massive global audience. 

As business leaders today, we need to embrace our role of storyteller, and create connections with our audiences that resonate and last.
The challenge is to achieve this in a work environment that demands so much more of our time.
Juniper Island works with business leaders and organizations to create sustained content plans that resonate with their audiences, and then we execute them for you with minimum time and effort on your part. 
You get custom videos, in your voice, on your topic. You don't get massive workloads, to-do lists or constant management of videographers.

The Best Event Videos You've Ever Seen — With the Fastest Turnarounds

If you've ever hired an unreliable videographer who took ages to get you your footage, or left you wishing your videos had more style, we would like to introduce you to our team.

Our goal is to cover your event with such high quality video that our video becomes your favourite new piece of marketing collateral, content that you can re-use and repurpose across your marketing organization.

Our event teams often include an editor on-site. While our team members film, they are already preparing your video. This kind of quick turnaround means you get to see your rough cut shortly after the event is finished. Imagine that, you've finished production on your event and the next morning you wake up and watch an edit of what happened.

This is so important to our clients, as they want to be as responsive as possible on social media, and to show thanks to everyone who made their event a smash hit. And it's important to us, because we love making our clients smile.

Video production that understands marketing strategy

If you're looking for video that gives customers a reason to love you, that redefines your place in the market, or demonstrates the ways that you are uniquely the best in the world in your niche, we can help you.

Our content development program can take all of your knowledge and expertise and turn it into a 6-month content plan in one session. Our block production program can work with you or your team to shoot 2 months of social media videos in one day. And our one-on-one training programs can build the habits required to turn you into the social media monster you were always meant to be. 

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