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Hiring: Wardrobe Stylist for Short Film

We are currently prepping a short film project to shoot in June 2023. The project is called ONLY SON and it's written and directed by Johnny Hockin, produced by Nina Gilmour and Johnny Hockin.

We are creating this project with a small crew, but everyone involved is highly talented and experienced. We're delighted that known, union actors will be joining us in this project.

We’re looking for someone who could join us to make something truly beautiful, and capture our team’s bold, expressive energy.

In the coming months, we’d like to work with a wardrobe stylist to seek out some great wardrobe pieces for our characters.

Our budget is not high, but we’re committed to putting in the necessary effort to pull this film off, so we will find a way to get what we need. We suspect that this might mean we move slower than other projects.

Please see the below treatment for more information about the film and its 2 main characters:

Only Son Treatment Sept22
Download PDF • 104.72MB

If you're interested in talking about the role, please get in touch with us via our contact form on this page, or by emailing Johnny at

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