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Design & Creative Direction for Rily

We have worked with the recipe website Rily from their inception to expand on their identity designer's initial design guidelines, launch them onto social media, and create monthly posts and assets to bring their audience closer to their mouthwatering food, and keep them coming back to their site.

Screenshots and examples from the design and creative direction of

Social Media Assets and Posts

Every month we create design-based social media posts, recipe cards, Instagram reels and TikToks for the brand's 17,000 (and counting) Instagram, TikTok and YouTube followers. 


Live example: Aloo Tikki Chaat recipe card

Animated Reels & TikToks

Using a playful mixture of photography, graphic elements, and text layouts to create beautiful designs that move to the music.

Live example: 7 Calming and Blissful Foods

7 Calming and Blissful Foods in January V2.gif

Graphic Elements and Identity Extension

By taking elements from the Rily word mark, we built out a playful design language that incorporates food items, dishes and utensils, bringing to mind the celebration of food and its ingredients.

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