Most people don't have the time or skills in-house to create the weekly, high-quality social media videos they need.

Our team of social media strategists and award-winning video professionals will take care of everything so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best.

You get weekly videos, in your voice, on your topic, with your graphics. All it takes is one shoot day every 2 months.

Within a month of starting the program, you will be ready to start posting weekly content and supercharging your social presence.

Startup Room

Here's How It Works

The Possibilities Are Endless

The program begins with a 3-hour strategy session and brainstorm that makes sure we have all of the information we need. You and your team members fill us in on your brand, your goals, your people, your locations, your look-and-feel, everything we need.

Next, you come along with us through our strategic framework. This system is based on the kind of strategies that fortune-100 companies pay large agencies thousands per month for. We’ve built it with the advice of Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube experts, as well as years of experience working with businesses on their social plans. We have adapted these frameworks for short-format video, and we bring you through them to make sure that your videos send the right messages (on the right platforms). This is the kind of content that will help you achieve your business goals and hit your sales targets.

Then we do a massive brainstorm to try and nail the best topics and content for you. The average company brainstorm looks at 4 ideas before choosing one. Statistically, that leaves a ton of creativity on the table. We have a brainstorm process that will ensure we end up with 100 ideas rather than the 4 your competitors are working with. While one of the first 4 may emerge to be among the best, looking at all of the possibilities is what gets you the highest quality product. Plus, because social keeps on going, you will now have a pipeline of future content ideas to work from.

After our meeting, we organize our ideas, deliver to you a document laying out what your team took us through in the meeting, plus all of our content ideas, and book our first shoot day. That very same month, you will have your first folder of videos, ready to start posting.